KMFM’s boss signposts new direction for station

Ruby Godla, seven, of St Augustine’s of Canterbury Primary School, is welcomed as the new boss of KMFM for a day by breakfast show presenter Laura Nevitt.

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The impact on Kent’s airwaves was immediate the moment KMFM’s new boss walked into the studio. Ruby Godla had a mission to play more One Direction and Little Mix and she made her vision clear to senior staff within minutes of taking up her post.

Ruby, seven, of St Augustine’s of Canterbury Primary School, won the right to sit in the hot seat at KMFM through a writing challenge staged by the KM Charity Team.

Over the course of the autumn the 50,000 primary school children using the educational charity’s green travel top school and reading initiatives were challenged to write a persuasive letter to encourage their best friend to walk to school with them. Billed as earning the winner the right to Be the Boss for a Day, girl power proved to be the order of the day.

Ruby joined Garry and Laura on the breakfast show on Valentine’s Day and then joined KMFM staff in re-jigging the playlist to ensure it better fitted her music tastes. She helped create a radio commercial and joined the senior team’s planning meeting where she decreed that the best competition give-away would be cuddly teddies. Head of Radio Sales, Bob Hoad, said the campaign could be called Ready, Teddy, Go, which earned approval from the new boss.

Simon Dolby from the KM Charity Team said: “I can’t thank the KMFM staff enough for making the day so action-packed for Ruby. She thoroughly deserved to Be the Boss for a Day and made the most of the opportunity!”

To view Ruby’s video news report click the video below.

The spring term’s writing challenge will let one primary school child take charge of Wildwood nature reserve near Canterbury. To find out more visit

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