Charity switches online sponsor page provider

The KM Charity Team is to cease using JustGiving with immediate effect and is now requiring participants in its collaborative events to use VirginMoneyGiving.

The steep rise in charges from JustGiving has prompted the move, whilst VirginMoneyGiving charge no monthly fee.

Online sponsor forms are an integral part of the experience for the majority of people involved in charity adrenaline charges. They enable individuals to add a link to their sponsor form from a social media page or email signature.

Simon Dolby from the KM Charity Team said: “Participants involved with our collaborative events are expected to use KM Charity Team sponsor forms. We then gather in all sponsorship before presenting 70 per cent to the nominated charities. We pay all costs for events out of the 30 per cent share of sponsorship raised so in order to maximise value and the amounts raised for our own literacy and road safety work in schools we have decided to cease using JustGiving.”

“Many charities have made the switch away from JustGiving in recent years but we had decided to stick with the firm, but the recent price hike has forced our hand.”

The KM Charity Team stage a number of collaborative events that any good cause in the county can use to raise funds for their organisation. These include: KM Big Bike Ride, KM Charity Walk, KM Assault Course Challenge, KM Colour Run, KM Dragon Boat Race and KM Endurance Football Challenge.

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