Terry Waite becomes Honorary Patron of charity

Terry Waite

Terry Waite has agreed to support the KM Charity Team by becoming an Honorary Patron of the educational charity.

Mr Waite CBE became interested in the charity because of its work to support clients of Porchlight with their literacy skills.

In December 2016 he visited both the charity’s office in Whitstable as part of a visit to the KM Group, and also spent time meeting clients of Porchlight in Canterbury. Support for the homeless is a cause close to his heart as he is President of Emmaus UK.

Simon Dolby, chief executive of the KM Charity Team, briefed Mr Waite on the details of the Bookbinders initiative that will support Porchlight clients as well as vulnerable groups including teenagers not in education or training and parents where English is an additional language. He also spent time outlining the successful children and family reading scheme – Buster’s Book Club – currently used by 26,000 children and families in Kent.

Mr Waite said: “Reading can open up a whole new world for people and that is one reason why I am delighted to become a patron of the KM Charity Team. A good book can inform, educate and amuse and what could be better than a charity that encourages these things.’

Mr Dolby said: “I am thrilled that Terry has agreed to become an Honorary Patron of the KM Charity Team. Giving us his backing to our work will help attract the attention of even more groups working with the vulnerable in the county and enable us to widen the network of groups we support.”

Currently 250 clients of Porchlight are using the Bookbinders initiative.  26,000 children and families use Buster’s Book Club, the charity’s home reading initiative.

KM Group editors have named 2017 as the KM Year of Reading and Bookbinders will be one of the flagship elements of the campaign.

Organisations supporting the homeless or NEETs group, or schools wishing to give support to parents where English is an additional language, should contact the KM Charity Team for help.

The initiatives are supported by Kent County Council, Medway Council, Kent Libraries, 3Rs teacher recruitment, Kent Reliance, Specsavers, Bel UK, Orbit housing association, Golding Homes, Eurostar, Volker Highways, Countrystyle Recycling, Gallaghers Aggregates, Whitefriars.

To find out more visit www.kmcharityteam.co.uk


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