KM Year of Walking to champion green travel to school

The KM Group will name 2018 as their Year of Walking to help support the KM Charity Team  over the coming 12 months.

This will give walking and wellbeing a higher profile through the media company, with three strands of the charity’s work showcased – the walk to school campaign, the annual KM Charity Walk and the Green School Awards.

Currently 40,000 children and families are involved with the walk to school campaign generated 600,000 green journeys a year and removing 250,000 school-run car journeys from local roads each year.

The KM Charity Walk has raised more than £800k over the 20 years the event has run and can be used by any good cause to raise funds. The Green School Awards showcases a range of environmental work undertaken by schools and young people in the community, with an emphasis on walk to school.

The KM Year of Walking graphic will appear on green travel materials in schools over the summer term when head teachers are encouraged to sign up in advance of the new academic year.

Literacy will remain a high profile within KM Group media next year and a special graphic announcing KM’s Focus on reading has been produce to stress the emphasis and build on the momentum generated in 2017.

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