Food bank benefits from bike ride leftovers

Gabi, Debbie and Charlotte from the KM Charity Team donate boxes of bananas to support Whitstable Food Bank. The fruit was left over following the KM Big Bike Ride.


Canterbury Food Bank was an unexpected beneficiary of the highly successful KM Big Bike Ride.

Boxes of bananas left over from the food stops used by the riders along the 100km route were donated to Canterbury Foodbank after the event.

KM Charity Team staff took the food down to the soup kitchen at Whitstable Umbrella Centre in the days after the big ride.

Senior Administrator Debbie Possee said: “The volunteers from Canterbury Food Bank were really grateful and the service users were tucking into them before I left.”

Sixty charities used the KM Big Bike Ride to raise funds for their causes with the 500 riders raising £15k for charity.

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