Opportunity for businesses to show they care

KM’s Year of Walking will benefit both the walk to school campaign and high profile leisure events such as the KM Charity Walk

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The launch of KM’s Year of Walking gives companies the chance to show they care about the county by backing a high profile community campaign.

A trio of events will take centre stage in 2018 with the walk to school campaign, annual KM Charity Walk and Green School Awards all receiving a higher profile.

Each targets a separate audience with the annual KM Charity Walk, now in its 23rd year, raising more than £900k for good causes. The Walk to school campaign involves 40,000 families at 100+ primary schools and has strong road safety and health and wellbeing themes. The Green School Awards celebrates the best recycling, energy conservation and nature conservation initiatives delivered by schools.

Simon Dolby from the KM Charity Team said: “With KM’s Year of Walking due to be formally launched this autumn I’m looking for organisations keen to partner with my charity to help lead the initiative. If any of these demographics are your target audience, or if you simply want to help make our county a better place to live and work, then do get in touch.”

Find out more at the website www.kmcharityteam.co.uk or contact Mr Dolby at sdolby@thekmgroup.co.uk or call 07989 164 752.


  • KM Charity Walk is a collaborative fundraising event used by scores of charities each year to raise funds for themselves.
  • The five and 10 mile routes link Grade II listed Mote House, Maidstone to Leeds Castle and back.
  • The walk to school campaign generated 700,000 green journeys and removed 300,000 school-run car journeys this year.
  • More than 4,000 children took and passed road safety skill tests at bronze, silver and gold level.
  • The Green School Awards is promoted to 700 schools in the region and is staged at Kent Cricket Club, Canterbury.
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