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Lights … camera … nerves

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Timid talkers can transform themselves into telegenic talents at a video presenting training session next month.

Charity workers and businesspeople are invited to learn the art of getting their message across in front of a camera and promoting what they do in a professional and practised way.

Journalist-turned-KM Charity chief Simon Dolby will teach those present how to perfect their one-minute message and cover skills such as positive body language and speaking fluently.

Mr Dolby said: “For some reason, the most confident people can be overcome with nerves in front of a camera. Speakers who can talk happily to a room full of people can become self-conscious and awkward.

“This session aims to take all that away and help you become relaxed and assured when the camera’s rolling. We’ll also be looking at how to get your message across convincingly, confidently and concisely.”

The course will take place on Tuesday, January 30 from 9.30am to 12.30pm at the KM Charity Team offices at 10 Estuary View, Whitstable. The price includes a sandwich platter lunch and tea and coffee beforehand.

To save £15 on your place, visit and enter the discount code KMNEWS18.

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