Help for disabled kids thanks to generous Jelf

Chartered insurance broker John Cox, from Jelf, and Fresh Hope founder Danielle Otto.

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A Saturday club for children with disabilities will benefit from extra cash and expert financial advice after winning a countywide competition.

Fresh Hope, in Margate, won a year’s free insurance in a prize draw run by the KM Charity Team and brokers Jelf – saving them money to spend on other things instead.

Chartered insurance broker John Cox, from Jelf, explained: “Charities and community groups face many risks that can result in loss or damage – including to their reputation.

“Full and adequate insurance is therefore very important, as it means if something goes wrong, they don’t face a bill which could put an end to the good work they do.

“We also have the expertise in arranging the most appropriate insurance – meaning their volunteers don’t have to give up their time to carry out sometimes complex insurance comparisons.

“We are delighted to be able to help a small but important organisation and we know they have many exciting ambitions for the future.”

Since September, the group has been running weekly sessions from 11am to 3pm at the Six Bells Children’s Centre in Margate High Street, offering arts and crafts, a reading corner, a games corner and more.

As well as fun for the children and an opportunity to make friends, it provides parents with a much-needed break, as although they’re asked to stay on-site, the staff look after their kids while they get a chance to relax.

Sessions are open to children of all ages and cost £1 per child, which includes lunch.

Founder Danielle Otto said Fresh Hope had been her dream for four years and had been inspired by her daughters.

“I was more and more convinced that I could make this dream happen and so I have now dedicated my life to creating a daycare and respite centre,” she said.

“I have built up a team of equally dedicated volunteers and we’re looking for premises where we can open a second-hand shop to help fund our services.”

The KM Charity Team works with schools to improve children’s health and wellbeing through a variety of initiatives, including a reading schemewalk to school schemesroad safety education and science and cookery awards.

It also organises fundraising challenges throughout the year to raise money for its own work and for other charities. For more information, browse our site or visit our Event Booking page.

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