Buster’s rock-art campaign goes viral

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Families are being encouraged to take part in a fun craft initiative to help Buster Bug spread the word about his green travel and literacy work.

In the message-in-a-bottle-style scheme, the KM Charity Team’s mascot is asking people to paint imaginative designs on pebbles bearing the hashtag #BusterBugRocks before leaving them in public places for others to discover.

Before hiding their designs, people are being asked to take photos of them and post them on social media with the #BusterBugRocks hashtag.

Once the designs have been found, it is hoped that their discoverers will post fresh pictures of them on social media, thus helping raise publicity of Buster’s invaluable green-travel and literacy work.

The campaign was launched on Saturday (May 12) at Buster’s Big Bash, the KM Charity Team’s annual festival at Dane John Gardens in Canterbury, when scores of pebbles previously prepared with varnished hash tags were handed out to youngsters and their families.

KM Charity Team schools project officer Charlotte Hayes said: ‘The launch was fantastic. There wasn’t enough room for all the children who wanted to take part on the tables we had set out, and they ended up doing their designs on the grass.

‘It was a real hit, and we are hoping to do it again next year.’

Now, people who were unable to make the festival are being encouraged to prepare their own pebbles at home.

Some of the best #BusterBugRocks photos will be included in a report on the Phil and Ted (Mister Maker) blog at http://www.kmcharityteam.co.uk/blogs/ 

Buster and the KM Charity Team run a number of initiatives to promote child literacy and green travel, including Walk on Wednesday (WoW) and Buster’s Book Club.

From September, WoW will be renamed Super WoW, and schools that sign up for it before July 1 will get a 20% discount and be entered in a fantastic draw with a prize of 400 books for the school library.

For more information, contact Sara Clyne on 0844 2640291 or at SClyne@theKMGroup.co.uk or fill out the form at http://www.kmcharityteam.co.uk/walktoschool/wow/.

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