Enter firewalk to help save Kent’s wildlife

The firewalk takes place at Kent cricket club’s St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury on November 5

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An animal welfare charity is urging wildlife enthusiasts to take part in Buster’s Charity Firewalk on its behalf.

Lisa Selvage of Kent Wildlife Rescue Service (KWRS) said her charity was entirely dependent on donations, and that fundraising events such as the firewalk enabled it to provide vital care and food for vulnerable animals.

Lisa said: “These type of events are a great way to raise money. It gets our name out there, and is a fun way to help raise money for the wildlife.

We are completely reliant on fundraising to take care of these animals. If it wasn’t for our public donations KWRS would not exist and wildlife in Kent would suffer.

All funds raised from these events are put back into caring for the wildlife we rescue. The money raised is used for veterinary bills and food for the animals. We do not pay our volunteers, and rely completely on donations and funds raised from these events.

The firewalk takes place at Kent cricket club’s St Lawrence Ground in Canterbury on November 5. You can book tickets at www.kmcharityteam.co.uk/booking.

KWRS is currently the Sheerness Times Guardian’s charity of the year.

Lisa added that caring for sick or injured animals could be very financially demanding for the Sheerness-based charity.

She said: “We have a fox that we have been caring for since last Christmas.

“She came in with a broken leg but it didn’t heal as well as we would have liked. She then needed an operation to save her leg.

“We did everything we could and managed to raise the £1,569, and that was just for the operation. She is still in our care, and has trips to the vets that all costs money.”

The firewalk is organised by the KM Charity Team, with the money raised going towards good causes of participants’ choice and the team’s child-literacy scheme Buster’s Book Club.

Participants must be 18 or above, and are asked to aim to raise at least £100 in sponsorship. Anyone who individually raises more than £200 will be entered into a draw to win a luxury spa day for two.

The entry cost is £25 per person, which also enables fundraisers to enjoy the fireworks display that follows it for free. Supporters can purchase tickets at a discounted rate to watch the fireworks and the firewalk.

To find out more, contact event coordinator Dominic Comins by calling 0844 264 0291 or emailing dcomins@thekmgroup.co.uk. Alternatively, book at www.kmcharityteam.co.uk/booking and use the code KMNEWS18 to get a £5 discount.

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