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2021 Programme

Celebrating children’s contributions to make our planet a greener, healthier place for us to live!

Things have been tough over the last two years, but not everything has been negative. People have been enjoying the great outdoors more, pollution levels did have a slight reduction and there has been a significant decrease in vehicle-related travel; and hopefully these will translate to habitual changes going forward.

But we can’t leave it to chance and the best way we can make sure things continue to change for the better is to encourage our children and young people to take control and lead the way to make sure the planet they are going to inherit is a cleaner and healthier planet than the one we have today!

The Green School Awards have been created to celebrate and promote the amazing environmental initiatives the children and young people in Kent have been doing over the past year in very challenging conditions.

Examples of the projects that we want to hear about include:

  • Building a greenhouse out of soft drink bottles
  • Organising a litter-picking party with your class, friends or family on one of our beaches
  • Encouraging the local community to recycle
  • Instigating an energy-saving programme at school.

The projects don’t have to be big but they will all make a huge impact on our planet!

Our Environmental Heroes can be teams or individuals but their projects must be nominated by an educational establishment in Kent. There is no lower age limit but nominees must be under 21.

There are several awards in several areas. Below is a list of just some of the categories we have identified but we are open to receiving nominations that don’t necessarily fit with the below but do have a positive impact on the environment.

  • Clean Air for All Award
  • Energy Conservation Award
  • Recycling Award
  • Green Champion Award
  • Nature Conservation Award
  • Green Travel Award

So, whether your school went green with your festive decorations, organised a beach clean, used your daily exercise to litter pick, planted trees or recycled rubbish we want to know.

Getting our children and young people involved and learning about the environment is the only way we can ensure they have the future we all want for them. So even if you don’t have an existing project maybe now is the time to start one and let us know about it!

A number of organisations support the event including Medway CouncilNCS TechnologyKCCGolding HomesLandscape Services, KCS Procurement Services and Ashford International Hotel.