I just love reading my new Superworm book

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Phil and Ted read Superworm

Phil and Ted read Superworm

My favourite time of day is just before bed when I read a story with Phil. We have a special chair we usually sit in for story time next to a lovely old fireplace. As it has been so cold over the holidays I helped Phil to bring in some logs to burn so we had a warm cozy fire when we sat down to read.

I got some wicked new books from Father Christmas this year and the one that looked the coolest was Superworm by an author called Julia Donaldson. It has really good pictures and the characters and the things they did really made me laugh.

Phil loved the book just as much as me, I think, especially the chant that repeats through the story. It goes like this:

Superworm is super-long.

Superworm is super-strong.

Watch him wiggle! See him squirm!

Hip, hip, hooray for SUPERWORM!

I just love that bit and even though Phil was reading the story to me, I joined in whenever it came up.

Phil and Ted read Superworm

Phil and Ted read Superworm

Superworm saves a frog, cheers up some buzzy bees and helps a drowning beetle, but then ends up in trouble when a lizard, that I think has magic powers, puts him under a spell.

Thank goodness all the animals that were helped by Superworm teamed up to rescue our hero and get rid of the nasty lizard.

I won’t tell you how they do it in case you are planning to read the book yourself, but I can say I loved it and we have read Superworm more than five times already this week!

We both love reading. It is really important. I really want to encourage children to enjoy reading and sharing books.

Our charity, which is called the KM Charity Team, has a new reading scheme called Buster’s Book Club where mums and dads read with their children each night. More than 10,000 children in Kent will be using the club from January.

I am the club mascot. I want us all to become record-breakers this year by reading loads and loads of fabulous books. I hope you will help be able to help us with this challenge!


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