What an excellent way to get to school

Phil and ted banner

This week I took time out from helping my mate Phil Gallagher with his work at the Marlowe Theatre to meet up with five children from Blean School.

We were keen to meet the youngsters because they all use the Walking Bus to get to school. Phil (also known as CBeebies’ Mister Maker) is a big fan of the KM Walk to School charity. He has become their ambassador and I am their mascot – so we like to do everything we can to help promote green travel. It teaches children road safety skills and gets them fit and healthy.

Phil Gallagher and me

Me and Phil at the Marlowe Theatre

Mister Maker meets children from Blean School.

I joined Phil Gallagher in walking to school with Joe Enever, eight, Lois Anderson Sambucci, seven, her sister Betsy, four, Martha Curry, nine and Jacob Lipscombe, seven.

We joined the children – Joe, Lois, Betsy, Martha and Jacob – on the walk to school to find out more about how the Walking Bus works. It was great fun as everyone had a chance to chat with friends before school.

What I thought was really cool was the way different mums and dads take it in turns to help. They escort the children to school on different days – so it saves parents a lot of time by joining in with the Walking Bus.

This time of year is always very busy for me and Phil because as well as doing Christmas shopping we also are at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. Phil is performing in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – and I help him learn his lines and make sure the show runs smoothly.

I think this year’s panto is even better than last year’s (oh yes it is!) and I always love seeing how things work behind the scenes. This year I even watched the stars of the show when the local newspapers took their photos to use on websites like KentOnline.

I’m looking for some children I can help make famous by putting nice photos of them with their teddies in this blog. They may even be used in a news story on the home page of the KentOnline website. All you have to do is send me a photo of you with your favourite teddy bear or cuddly toy. The best photos will win prizes and will be shown here on my blog!

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