Call for budding radio bosses

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KMFM is searching for a child to take charge of the airwaves for a day.

A creative writing competition will award the right to a primary school pupil to be boss of the radio station for a day.

Andy Walker from kmfm

Andy Walker from kmfm

The new boss will get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the radio station and be involved in programme creation, management meetings and possibly even creating their own broadcast clip to play on air. Whoever writes the best entry will get to work alongside DJs, presenters and staff running the popular radio station.

Andy Walker from kmfm said: “Being the boss of kmfm means you get to be involved in a live radio station environment. Watch as we broadcast live, talk to listeners, discuss which music should be added to the playlist and maybe even be invited to a meeting as we discuss the next exciting kmfm competition.”

Previous winners have ruled Leeds Castle, directed Turner Contemporary art gallery and overseen Whitefriars shopping centre.

KMFM_boss_moneyboxThe competition is being run by the KM Charity Team which runs both walk to school and literacy initiatives in the county. This week more than 50,000 children and families received a newsletter inviting them to take part in the writing competition which challenges pupils to write a letter to their best friend encouraging them to walk to school.

Simon Dolby from the KM Charity Team said: “Encouraging the next generation to think about greener ways to travel to school and to make reading extra cool is critical to our work. We are so pleased kmfm are supporting this campaign and have offered such a fantastic prize.”

The closing date to enter this competition is noon on Monday, 12 December, 2016. To enter visit

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