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The annual meeting of the KM Charity Team will give Members a chance to quiz Trustees and Chief Executive on how development of the organisation into a regional organisation is progressing.

Simon Dolby

Simon Dolby, chief executive of the KM Charity Team

The meeting is free to attend but tickets must be booked in advance. It will take place at 8.45am as part of the KM Charity Forum on Friday, October 12, 2018 and be staged at the Mercure Great Danes Hotel, Maidstone. Click here to book.

One announcement CEO Simon Dolby will deliver is the plan to change its name to Inspire Schools, while in Kent it will continue to trade as KM Charity Team. Both brands are used by the charity with  Inspire Schools used in Sussex, London and East Anglia.

Simon said: “This is simply a switch as to which of our two brands is on the cheque book and does not change how we are promoted in each location. This will be the fifth name change of the charity over almost 20 years.”

As well as presenting the last full set of accounts – for 2017 – the Membership will elect a board of Trustees to govern the charity. Members wishing to propose themselves to join the Board as an ordinary member or as either Chairman or Treasurer should notify Simon Dolby by email prior to 1 August. Email Simon on If you do not receive a confirming email to acknowledge receipt of your nomination within 48 hours please call Simon on 07989 164 752.

Trustees are minded to cap the number of Trustees on the Board at 12 and so if the number of nominees exceeds this number an election will be necessary. With Martin Vye standing down as Chairman, but intending on remaining on the Board, the most senior position on the Board is open.

In addition the prospective Board Member, whether aiming to become an ordinary Member of the Board, Chairman or Treasurer, must complete the Trustee application form which can be found by clicking this link  or visiting the vacancies section of the KM Charity Team website.

Simon said: “The expansion into Sussex is progressing steadily and grants made available to us have opened up opportunities in EastAnglia. These are exciting times for us, but also dangerous as we aim to increase revenues to cover the costs of our new offices. I welcome applications to join the Board at this exciting time.”

To find out more about the KM Charity Team Forum and to book a seat for the annual meeting, visit this page: 

Timetable for contested arrangements to the Board for 2018

  • Nominations must be received by noon on August 5, 2018. Email:
  • If more than the designated number of candidates are put forward then nominees will be asked to provide a single side of A4 information detailing their election statement. This will need to be emailed to Simon Dolby by noon on 1 September, 2018.
  • Candidate submissions will be emailed to all members on 11 September ensuring members have a calendar month to consider the information from nominees.
  • The election will take place at the annual meeting at  8.45am on Friday, October 12, 2018 and be staged at the Mercure Great Danes Hotel, Maidstone. A member of KM Charity Team staff will need to verify Members eligibility to vote.
  • Nominees are expected to be or become a Member of the KM Charity Team. Visit this page to sign up:
  • Prospective Members are currently allowed to sign up at the annual meeting and be eligible to vote, however this practice may change in the future.

If you do not receive a confirming email to acknowledge receipt of your nomination or candidate submission within 48 hours please call Simon Dolby on 07989 164 752.


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