Song contest winners hit high notes

  The winners of the KM Charity Team’s annual Walk to School Song Contest have been announced, with the five best young choirs enjoying a special day in the recording studio. Primary and nursery school walk-to-school choirs from around the county submitted versions of S Club 7’s pop classic Reach, with five being chosen to record them at Independent Music Productions in Wincheap. The judges decided the overall winners were Priory Fields in Dover, and gave the prize for best lyrics to Staplehurst School. The other three highly recommended schools were St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary, the Canterbury Primary School and St Matthew’s High Brooms C of E Primary. KM Charity Team chief executive Simon Dolby said: “All of these children thoroughly deserved their day in the recording studio. “Their performances were absolutely fantastic, and it’s wonderful to seem schools embracing Walk to School so enthusiastically.” Parents can now buy special CDs of the recordings of their children singing Reach. The winners will also be invited to perform the song at the KM Charity Team’s Green School Awards in February and at Buster’s Big Bash next May. Buster’s Big Bash is a free annual celebration of the KM Charity Team’s Walk to School campaign that takes place in Canterbury’s Dane John Gardens. The contest was organised by the Walk to School division of the KM Charity Team in association with Independent Music Productions (IMP) and supported by 3R’s Teacher Recruitment. Next year, the song for the contest will be Katrina and the Waves’ Walking on Sunshine. As of September, the KM Charity’s walk to school initiatives Walk on Wednesday and Active Bug are being merged to create a scheme called Super Wow. Schools joining Super Wow by July 1 will get a 20% discount and entry into a prize draw to win 400 books. Contact Sarah Clyne at or on 0844 264 0291 or visit