Staff and Trustees thank Martin for his dedication

Martin Vye receives retirement gifts from Karen and Simon

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Staff and Trustees of the KM Charity Team gathered to pay tribute to the charity’s outgoing chairman, Martin Vye, at a reception today (Friday, June 22).

Martin will formally stand down as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the annual meeting on 12 October, which takes place as part of the KM Charity Team Forum. Friday’s event gave staff and Trustees a chance to privately thank Martin, who will remain on the Board.

Martin jokes with staff at his retirement party

Martin had decided to stand down as chairman of the board of trustees after almost two decades of service with the organisation. He will continue to sit on the board as a trustee, and will be replaced as chairman by former deputy chairman Stuart Smith. Martin has been associated with the charity since its creation in September 2000.

KM Charity Team chief executive Simon Dolby said: “Martin has provided wisdom, support and a steadying influence since the KM Charity Team’s inception almost 20 years ago.

“It is no exaggeration to say that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything near what we have without his dedication. I and the organisation owe him a huge debt of thanks, and I am relieved and delighted that he is going to continue as a Trustee.”

Martin had been both a city and county councillor (Lib Dem) for more than 20 years in Canterbury prior to retiring from both authorities. Previously, he was a housemaster and teacher at the city’s King’s School.



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