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My charity has been wrestling with an unusual issue in terms of its branding.

Here in Kent we are known as KM Charity Team because of our association with the multi-media company KM Group. We deliver charitable and community events and activities on our collective behalf – and that relationship and arrangement has worked extremely well for approaching two decades.

Outside of Kent the KM brand means little and so our charity is known as Inspire Schools – as the bulk of our activity outside of our Kent heartland is focused on educational events and services. Indeed, our media partners outside of Kent are not keen to work with a charity that is branded to look like a commercial rival.

A key issue vexing us has been our identity on social media and our website. In terms of web we are not sufficiently resourced to maintain two separate websites with their differing identities – one for Kent and one for our territories in Sussex, London and East Anglia. On social media our increasing activity outside of Kent makes Twitter and Facebook identities of @KMCharityTeam out of step with Inspire Schools press coverage.

So we are faced with the ‘tail wagging the dog’ and the KM Charity Team brand – also the formal name of the charity – only being relevant to the smaller territory.

To resolve the situation I am considering switching round the importance of our two identities – Inspire Schools will become the formal name of the charity and KM Charity Team will be the brand we trade as here in Kent.

The website will adopt the Inspireschools.org.uk URL with KM Charity Team URLs directing viewers to pages with Kent content. The changes will create a comfortable brand identity for our continued expansion outside of Kent, while here in our heartland we will need to associate Inspire Schools alongside KM Charity Team to ensure the right mix.

This has not been an easy one to navigate and we will keep reviewing this as we continue to evolve as an organisation.


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