Bake Off contenders’ dazzling summer cakes

Buster’s Bake Off contenders Nia Zhangaskina and Polina Frenkel

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The heats for the pilot of kids’ kitchen contest Buster’s Bake Off have taken place, with the winners set to compete in September’s final.

The contest was open to the six schools of the East Kent Schools Together (EKST), a partnership promoting cooperation between state and independent schools.

Those taking part were Spires Academy, the King’s School and St Anselm’s, all in Canterbury, and St Lawrence College in Ramsgate.

The star performers included King’s pupils Nia Zhangaskina and Polina Frenkel, pictured above, who will now face off against each other in September to decide the school’s overall winner.

Elsewhere in Canterbury, 10 pupils took part at Spires Academy, with Ronnie Hammond coming top with her baked pineapple rice dish, and Daisy Hulks being declared runner-up with her summer bonanza cake

Buster’s Bake Off is a sponsored event, with 50 per cent of the funds raised going to mental health charity Young Minds. The rest will be used to help fund the KM Charity Team’s literacy work.

EKST coordinator Sarah Moir said: “Being able to cook is a life skill but also a great way to relax, be creative and build confidence.

“The Bake-off saw Year 9 and 10 students from all our partner schools invited to take part in this event in partnership with The KM Charity Team, and it has been fantastic to see the students try out new recipes themed around summer.

“We look forward to seeing more creativity in September for the final. Well done to all who have taken part and secured sponsorship for the KM Charity Team’s literacy scheme and Young Minds.”

The children’s creations were marked according to six criteria: theme, appearance, texture, taste, skills, and ingredients.

Next year, the KM Charity Team hopes to roll out the competition to schools across the county.

For more information on the full launch of Busters’s Bake Off, contact coordinator Maxine Tarquini at or on 0844 264 0291, or visit

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