Amazing Grace takes reins at retailer

Grace Stansbury during her Be the Boss experience at Hastings Specsavers

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A primary pupil proved her natural leadership skills when she took over the reins at a Sussex business last week.

Seven-year-old Grace Stansbury proved herself a breath of fresh air at Hastings Specsavers after winning a Buster’s Book Club creative writing challenge run by literacy and green-travel charity Inspire Schools.

Sussex primary schoolchildren had been asked to write about which superhero they would most like to walk to school with, and the pupil at Baird Primary Academy in Hastings stood out with her entry about The Flash.

Grace said: “I enjoyed being the boss of Specsavers because I had a clipboard and a badge. Another thing I did with my job today was making sure people wore their badges and kept their desks clean. I enjoyed keeping the people on their toes.”

All the staff at the store were impressed by Grace’s can-do, no-nonsense style, with Claire Stanbridge saying: “Grace has been marvellous today. She worked so hard. She pointed out several errors that we need to improve on. She is certainly firm, but she’s been a brilliant boss today.”

And Lab technician James Lofting said: “Grace was a really good boss. She made us work really hard. She was tough but firm.”

In addition to motivating staff, Grace helped to reorganise product displays, assisted with an eye check, and was given a demonstration of the store’s hearing aid department.

Inspire Schools chief executive Simon Dolby said: “Grace was great and the staff at Hastings Specsavers enjoyed the day as much as she did. They said she had a natural talent for customer service, and they really benefitted from her insights.

“She really deserved her day after a brilliant piece of creative writing, and Buster’s Book Club and the Be the Boss experience are great ways to inspire children to reach literacy goals. They’re fun, simple and low-cost schemes that succeed in getting children of all backgrounds to get engaged with the written word.”

Buster’s Book Club works with schools to encourage children to read extra at home, with classes competing each week to be awarded the Reading Class of the Week Trophy.

A monthly inter-school reading challenge awards winning classes tickets to leisure attractions or visits by storytellers.

The club is supported by Sussex Newspapers, Orbit, Summerfields Leisure, Brighton Sea Life Centre, Kreston Reeves, 3D Recruit, Eurostar, Little Cheyne Court, and Marit and Hans Rausing Fund in partnership with Sussex Community Foundation.

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