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Golding Vision community development adviser Sarah Leipnik

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Small steps can lead to global progress.

That is the message of Green School Awards judge Golding Vision, which is urging people to submit entries for the awards no matter how humble their projects may be.

Sarah Leipnik, community development adviser at the Maidstone-based housing association, said: “We are keen sponsors of the Green School Awards because it really champions and shows us what schools are doing around green, environmentally-friendly practice.

“So that can be getting cars off the road by walking to school, growing their own produce, recycling items or having a recycling project. We want to see all of these projects entered into the awards.”

Awards organiser Karen Brinkman of the KM Charity Team echoed Sarah’s words, saying: “When it comes to the environment, it really is a case of thinking globally and acting locally.

“So nominations for these awards don’t have to relate to grandiose schemes.

“We just want to hear about schemes that get children involved and thinking about the everyday things that they do or can do to promote environmental sustainability.

“They can be as simple as walking buses or encouraging pupils to recycle drinks cans or paper. So don’t be put off from submitting entries because you’re worried your activities are too modest.

“Get your entries in, and help us spread the message about how local action can lead to global progress.”

Schools have until December 7 to submit entries for the awards, which are open to primary and secondary schools across the South-East.

There are six categories: green travel and road safety; energy conservation; nature conservation; health and well-being; recycling; and air pollution.

In addition to Golding Vision, the awards judges are Loop CR, ADM Computing, Ashford International Hotel, EduKit, NCS Technology, East Kent Recycling, Kidzania, Farmwood, and Kent and Medway councils.

Learn more about the Green School Awards and submit nominations at

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