He’s behind you!

This week I was trembling with excitement as I got on the bus to Canterbury to watch my best friend Phil perform in Cinderella at the Marlowe Theatre!

I always go and support my friend in everything he does. His normal day job is presenting an arts and crafts TV programme called Mister Maker on CBeebies. But he does so much more than that – including a world tour with The Shapes, being an Honorary Patron of the KM Charity Team/Inspire Schools charity, and every year he takes to the stage in a star-studded panto!

The Cinderella show was amazing – everyone in the audience was excited to be there and we were blown away by all of the lights, music, singing, dancing, and lots and lots of laughs!

Phil played the part of Buttons, who is a servant alongside Cinderella, and is madly in love with her. She likes him as a friend but isn’t in love with him, which made me feel a bit sad. But then there would be another song or joke and I’d be jigging in my seat and smiling again. I was so proud of Phil. Everyone was on his side and cheering for him, and he was waving and smiling at people at every opportunity. He’s starring alongside celebrities like Harry Reid from EastEnders and Sally Lindsay from Coronation Street (my mum’s favourite telly programmes).

Weeeee! Having fun with Phil before he starts work starring as Buttons in Cinderella.

And the Ugly Sisters with their towering blue hairstyles reminded me of Marge off The Simpsons. They were brilliant baddies and Ben Roddy is one of my favourite-ever pantomime dames. My tummy ached from laughing so hard.

It was a very special night out. People were chuckling one minute and singing their hearts out the next, cheering the fairy godmother and booing the Ugly Sisters. Children were giggling and pointing at everything happening on the stage and in the aisles. I heard little girls in the audience say they wanted to be the little girl on stage, Muriel, or Cinderella herself!

I left the theatre with a big smile on my face and I really want to go and see it again – but tickets are selling fast…

While Phil is busy with Cinderella, I can catch up on the reading photos children and their families are sending in. Why don’t you ask your mum or dad to send us a photo of you reading a story to your favourite cuddly toy? Don’t forget to tell us what you like about the story. The best pics will go on this blog and might win a prize!

That’s it from me for now – Happy Christmas everyone and see you next year!

  • Cinderella runs at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury up until Sunday 6 January. Book at www.marlowetheatre.com
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