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Amelia and Joshua, age seven, from Truro Class at Herne Juniors meet Ted

I’ve had a very busy week hanging out with my best friend Phil, meeting some amazing schoolchildren, and of course writing my letter to Santa!

On Thursday I went to Santa’s Grotto at Whitefriars’ Christmas Market in Canterbury. But I wasn’t there to do some shopping, I wanted to meet the children from Truro Class at Herne Junior School. They were at the grotto because they won a Buster’s Book Club reading competition!

I chatted to Amelia and Joshua and I couldn’t decide what they were most excited about – that their class had got the biggest number of reading minutes, or that they were going to meet Santa!

Whenever I see Phil we always end up reading a story together and this time was no different. On Wednesday we curled up on the sofa with Bringing Down The Moon by Jonathan Emmett. It’s a funny story about a mole who sees the moon for the first time and tries to catch it and keep it for himself. Phil always makes me laugh when he reads out stories (he does lots of funny voices and faces) and we have lots of fun.

You might recognise Phil – he’s also known as Mister Maker and he spends a lot of time making the Mister Maker TV programme for CBeebies and going on tour with The Shapes.

As you can see, there’s a photo of the two of us reading together. Why don’t you send us a photo of you reading a story to your favourite teddy? The best ones will go on this blog! Make sure you get permission from your mum or dad or you can get them to help you. To upload the picture, click on the ‘Enter Here’ button.

I just love Christmas – all the lights and music, and of course getting presents on Christmas morning. I hope Santa got my letter, I told him all about all the books I wanted – I hope I didn’t leave any out!

Phil Gallagher reads Ted the story Bringing Down The Moon by Jonathan Emmett.

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