Recycling firm renews green travel commitment

Emily Geeson of Countrystyle Recycling


A Kent recycling firm has renewed its commitment to the KM Charity Team’s Walk to School work.

Countrystyle Recycling, which operates out of facilities in Lenham, Iwade and Strood, said it was “really proud” to support the KM Charity Team’s green-travel and road-safety work.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Emily Geeson said: “This academic year, over 140 schools are going to be using the Walk to School scheme.

“That means 40,000 families are involved in Super Wow. We expect at least 3,000 children will be taking a road-safety skills test as well.”

Super Wow encourages families to walk to school, with classes competing each week to be awarded a Green Class of the Week Trophy. A monthly inter-school green-travel challenge awards winning classes tickets to leisure attractions or visits by storytellers.

In addition to Countrystyle Recycling, Walk to School is supported by Medway, Kent and Bexley councils, White’s Transport, Orbit, Whitefriars, Three R’s Teacher Recruitment, Specsavers, Golding Vision, Love Your Neighbourhood, Eurostar and Volker Highways.

Walk to School coordinator Sarah Clyne said: “It’s great to have Countrystyle Recycling on board. Given its existing commitments to promoting the principles of reuse, reduce and recycle, green travel is a perfect fit for the company.

“I really look forward to working with them in the future, as we aim to extend Walk to School across the county and help more children lead greener, healthier lives.”

Find out more about Super Wow at or by emailing Sarah Clyne at

And watch Emily Geeson talk about Countrystyle’s support for it in a video here:

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