Creative George takes charge of theatre for a day

George Killick, age 10, of Pebsham Primary Academy, Bexhill with White Rock Theatre youth group


Ten-year-old George Killick took charge of the prestigious White Rock Theatre in Sussex after wowing judges with a piece of creative writing.

George, from Pebsham Primary Academy, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex joined hundreds of other pupils in the county to take on a creative writing challenge set by the educational charity Inspire in collaboration with Sussex Newspapers.

Their task was to write a persuasive letter to encourage their best friend to walk to school with them. George’s letter was packed with detail about the health and  environmental benefits, but also stressed that walking to school together would give an opportunity to strengthen their friendship.

George Killick, age 10, of Pebsham Primary Academy, Bexhill-onSea, Sussex in White Rock Theatre auditorium

The prize for impressing the judges was taking charge of the White Rock Theatre for a day, allowing theatre director Gavin Shuman to take the bulk of the day off.

George said: “I really enjoyed my day in charge. It was amazing to see behind the scenes at the theatre, get experience in the lighting and technical box and actually serve customers their theatre tickets. It was a brilliant day.”

Inspire Schools CEO Simon Dolby, whose charity runs the reading reward scheme Buster’s Book Club, said: “I am so grateful to all the staff at the White Rock Theatre for making George’s day so special. I hope we can run the competition again soon.”

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