World Book Day winners – part one!

I’m only a little bear so I was glad of an excuse to stay indoors this weekend. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t blown away in the gale force winds blowing through Kent! Instead, I looked at all the entries for our World Book Day competition to pick out my favourites.

My best friend Phil (who you know better as Mister Maker) and I wanted to find out about all the fun things happening in schools to celebrate the wonderful world of books. Well, we weren’t disappointed!

Ten winning schools will get a copy of a brilliant book called The Curious Tale of the Dodo (– and we’ll get the author Anthony Cooper to sign his name in each one).

Here are the first five winners – I’ll tell you all about the other winners in my next blog!

The Canterbury Primary School.

The Canterbury Primary School had a parade of fancy dress costumes. There was one winner from each class and they were each given a £5 book token. The grown-ups joined in too with a prize for the best teacher’s outfit! There was also a special visit from author Jessica Spanyol. She has written and illustrated lots of great books like Go Bugs Go! and All About Clive.

Book Man comes to Salmestone Primary School.

Salmestone Primary School in Margate had a very exciting visit from Book Man. He had lost his super power of being able to remember every book in the world. But the children helped him to regain his powers – hooray!

Barton Juniors took on the role of their favourite book characters for the day.

In Dover, Barton Junior School took part in ‘A day in the life of…’ where they each pretended to be a book character for the day. They dressed up as the character and spoke and behaved as if they were that person – which sounds like a lot of fun! There was also a ‘best dressed’ competition to win prizes. Plus the children read their favourite books aloud to their friends and acted out exciting scenes in the most dramatic way possible!

Everyone joined in at Laddingford St Mary’s Primary School.

Laddingford St Mary’s Church of England Primary also had a fun day dressing up as book characters. The Maidstone school also had a visit from brilliant author Gareth P.Jones who writes the Dragon Detective Agency books.

It was all about Peter Pan at Painters Ash Primary School.

Painters Ash Primary School in Northfleet celebrated World Book Day with a Peter Pan theme. Lessons were all about Peter Pan and everyone dressed up as a character from the book. I’d want to be the crocodile – tick tock! The children and teachers took part in a parade to pick the best outfits. One winner was chosen for each class and they won a prize and a certificate.

Phew, that’s it for now. Stay tuned for part two when I reveal the other five schools who won our World Book Day competition!

One last thing – don’t forget to enter Phil and Ted’s Photo Contest! Just ask mum or dad to send us a photo of you reading a story to your favourite cuddly toy, and tell us what you like best about that story. See you soon!


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