Printer’s four-figure newsletter gift

Buckland Media Group production and customer service manager Richard Archer and graduate sales and marketing executive Katie Weaver

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A printing company has made a four-figure gift-in-kind donation in support of the KM Charity Team’s literacy and green-travel initiatives.

Dover-based Buckland Media Group has printed 48,000 copies of the KM Charity Team’s spring newsletter entirely for free.

The newsletters detail the KM Charity Team’s services, activities and competitions. They go into the school book bags of children taking part in KM Charity Team initiatives such as Buster’s Book Club and Super Wow, and are taken home for parents to read.

Buckland Media Group production and customer service manager Richard Archer said: “We’ve printed the KM Charity Team newsletter for about seven years, and we like to take part in partnerships with other organisations that have a positive impact on the community.

“I think the KM Charity Team is very important because schools are under a lot of pressure when it comes to budgets and teachers’ workloads, and any support that they get is going to help them with the education of our children.

“Any support for our schools is only going to be reflected in our children’s futures.”

KM Charity Team education manager Karen Brinkman said: “We are so grateful to Buckland Media Group for printing all 48,000 issues of our spring newsletter for free.

“This is such a generous gesture, and enables us to free up resources for helping more schools and pupils through our educational, environmental and child-welfare programmes.”

Buckland Media Group provides design, marketing and production services across a range of media to organisations including schools, businesses and charities.

Its clients include Kent Cricket Club, Canterbury Cathedral, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, the Aspinall Foundation and St Lawrence College.

It is also currently working with the KM Charity Team on a school-mural competition.

The Superheroes Art Contest invites children to submit colourful pictures of superheroes, and Buckland Media Group will reproduce a special mural on a wall of the winning school.

The deadline for entries for the contest is July 1. Find out more at

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