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Hazel Sheehan of Strood Rotary Club.

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Rotarians are stepping up their support of a leading educational charity by delivering more than 7,000 newsletters to families in Medway.

Strood Rotary Club will help the KM Charity Team and Inspire Schools to deliver its summer term newsletter to 25 schools using the popular Walk on Wednesday (Wow) and Buster’s Book Club schemes.

So far this academic year both initiatives have done very well with 106,000 green journeys recorded and 45,000 school-run car journeys removed from Medway roads – the highest of any local authority area in Kent.

The reading reward scheme Buster’s Book Club has recorded 1.1 million minutes of reading so far in Medway, which is the third highest area in the county.

Hazel Sheehan, Vice President Elect of the Rotary Club of Strood, said: “My club are passionate supporters of both the walk to school and reading reward schemes delivered by the KM Charity Team and Inspire Schools so when we were asked to help to get packets of newsletters to schools to go out in the children’s bookbags as happens each term, we were delighted to step in and help.”

Simon Dolby from the charity said: “We are so grateful to Hazel and Strood Rotary Club for their backing. As well as acting as postmen for us this time, the club is kindly sponsoring two Medway schools to use Buster’s Book Club. The support they give us is absolutely fantastic.”

Other organisations backing the charity’s work include Kent County Council, Medway Council, Maidstone Borough Council, Ashford Borough Council and the London Borough of Bexley, along with Ashford International Hotel, Volker Highways, Countrystyle Recycling, Eurostar, Three R’s Teacher Recruitment, Whitefriars, Gatwick Airport, The Ernest Cook Trust, Little Cheyne Court, Kent Community Foundation, Golding Vision, Orbit South, Specsavers, Leeds Castle, Rotary, Acorns Read and Grow, Crown Foundation, The Gibbons Trust, and Whites Transport.

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