KM Charity Team thanks golden business partner

Biddenden Vineyards is celebrating 50 years of wine making

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The KM Charity Team has expressed its thanks and congratulations to one of its business partners as the family-run company celebrates its 50th year of trading.

Biddenden Vineyards was a key supporter of the KM Charity Walk last month, with its delicious juices providing much-needed refreshment to people taking part in the challenge event.

The vineyard was established at the suggestion of Joyce Barnes, the mother of current owner and managing director Julian Barnes, in 1969.

It now covers 23 acres, with 11 varieties of grape cultivated, and produces an award-winning range of still and sparkling wines ‑ as well as its juices.

Julian Barnes said: “It is extremely exciting to have reached our 50th year, not least at a time when there is so much interest in and support for English wine.”

And KM Charity Team chief executive Simon Dolby said: “Many, many congratulations to Biddenden Vineyards on achieving this landmark anniversary, and we are so grateful to the company for supporting our Charity Walk this year.

“The vineyard has established a reputation for excellence over its 50 years of production, and we took at is a real endorsement of the value of our work to have it on board as one of our partners for the walk.”

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