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Sunflower contest

I’d have to say I never used to be much of a gardener: I always thought it was a bit too much like hard work.

And while the results are great – a nice lawn for playing football on, for example – I always thought it was best if I left that work to an expert. Like Phil.

Phil is mad about gardening, and one of the things we both love about his garden is his strawberry patch.

I love it a bit too much, to be honest.

As soon as he turns his back, I’m stuffing my mouth full of delicious fruit. Phil thinks it’s the birds that keep nicking it all.

Ted admires Simon’s sunflowers

But before the stains on my face and paws gave me away, I thought it might be wise to start growing some fruit of my own.

After that, I thought about growing some more edible plants, and that gave me the idea of my sunflower contest.

I sent out packets of sunflower seeds to schools all over the place, asking them to plant the seeds on their grounds and send us back photos of the flowers once they’re fully grown.

And the schools that send in the best photos will be rewarded with some special prizes.

If you got some seeds, you’ve got till September 16 to send back your photos – preferably with you or some of your classmates standing next to the sunflowers.

My friend Simon has already sent in his photo. It’s the picture on this page.

What do you think?

That’s what I thought: I can do better than that.

So show us you can by making sure you send in your pictures by September 16. Good luck.

Find out more about Ted’s Big Sunflower Competition here. And enjoy the rest of your summer holiday.

I’m off to Phil’s to check whether those birds have left any strawberries uneaten.

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