Superhero art is absolutely Marvel-lous



Wow. Just wow.

Daniel Harding’s Iron Man

Take a look at these awesome superhero pictures.

Seb Bone’s Eco

Aren’t they absolutely amazing?

They’re the work of children at primary schools across Kent and Bexley, and were submitted for a special art competition run by the KM Charity Team.

Pupils were asked to create art work showing superheroes they would like to walk to school with.

And the school sending in the best pictures would have them specially recreated on a wall on their grounds.

Me and Phil popped round to the KM Charity Team offices when they were trying to choose the winner.

Super Singh, Saayan Manik, 7

And I have to say that everybody found it almost impossible picking just one school.

But which of these images is your favourite?

Svetlomir Sivakov’s Super Dad

I particularly like Super Singh and Super Dad. Though I was a little bit disappointed by the lack of Super Teds, and Phil thought there should have been at least one Maker Man.

But aren’t these Groot and Iron Man pictures groot… I mean great.

The winning school was St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary in Gillingham, and their designs will be created on a wall at the school ready for the start of term in September.

You can see more entries by clicking on the gallery at the top of the page.


Chase Cooper’s Groot

Lucas Beresford’s Groot

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