Hunt continues to find Kent Greta Thunbergs

Simon Dolby, communications manager for Green School Awards judging organisation Streetspace

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Time is fast running out to submit nominations for the Green School Awards.

The deadline for doing so is Sunday, December 1, and one of the organisations judging the awards has highlighted how important it is to celebrate schools and pupils capable of inspiring children to take a more proactive role in saving the planet for future generations.

Simon Dolby, communications manager for judging organisation Streetspace, said he hoped the awards would succeed in finding Kentish equivalents to Greta Thunberg ‑ the Swedish teenager whose eco-activism has captured the attention of people all around the world.

Mr Dolby said: “Nothing is more important than encouraging the next generation to take positive action on green issues, and Streetspace is very proud to be helping in playing a leading role in this important community event.

“I suppose what we’re really after is to try and get a Greta Thunberg here in Kent.

“For many young people, doing something in their community or school at a small level is that first step on the ladder to being more active on green issues.”

The awards will celebrate school-led projects in fields including green travel, conservation, air quality, recycling, and health and wellbeing.

They are open to schools from across the south-east, with winners being announced for the region as a whole, in its different districts and ‑ where applicable – in different age groups.

Nominated initiatives might include school gardens, recycling schemes, walking buses or air-monitoring projects.

Apart from Streetspace, which creates outdoor covered canopies and glazed extensions for schools, the awards judges are NCS Technology, East Kent Recycling, the Ethical Earth Company, Golding Vision, Loop CR, SGS Energy and Medway Council.

Mr Dolby, who is the founder of awards organiser the KM Charity Team, will also co-host the awards ceremony with KM Media Group head of multimedia news and kmfm newsreader Nicola Everett.

He said: “I’m delighted and proud to be able to co-host the event with Nicola and maintain my personal connection with the event and the KM Charity Team.”

The ceremony will take place at the Ashford International Hotel in February.

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