Sunflowers yield training gold

Wye School’s prize-winning Nature Club with, from left, the school’s deputy behaviour for learning coach Marina Capriotti, The Education People CEO James Roberts and Wye School principal Luke Magee

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While the magic money tree’s existence may be doubted, it seems there are definitely floral alternatives because some stunning sunflowers won a Kent secondary school £500 in free training.

Wye School is celebrating after it won the training package through Ted’s Big Sunflower Competition.

Run by the KM Charity Team, the competition invited schools from across the south-east to nurture sunflower seeds donated by The Education People, with the latter giving away a £500 training package to the cultivators of the best blooms.

The Education People provides services across the primary, secondary and further education sectors.

The organisation’s CEO, James Roberts, visited the school to present it with its prize and meet the green-fingered Nature Club pupils responsible for growing the beanstalk-like flowers.

He was joined by KM Charity Team acting general manager Karen Brinkman, who said: “Congratulations to Wye School for their success in this lovely competition and many thanks to The Education People for generously donating this fantastic prize.

“It’s a pleasure to be involved in any initiative that nurture’s children’s creativity and connects them to nature, and this was a brilliant way of achieving both those goals.”

Runners-up goodie bags have also been presented to children at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School in Sittingbourne and Southborough Pre-School.

Wye School has been invited to nominate its Nature Club for a Green School Award before the December 1 deadline. The awards, run by the KM Charity Team, recognise primary and secondary school pupil-led eco initiatives in recycling, conservation, green travel, clean air, and health and wellbeing. Visit

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