London teacher awards ready for take-off

The 2020 London Teacher of the Year Awards were launched at Heathrow Airport

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The search is on to find the capital’s best educational staff after the 2020 London Teacher of the Year Awards were launched on a British Airways jet on the runway of Heathrow Airport.

Organised by educational charity Inspire Schools, the awards recognise school staff’s expertise, dedication and vital contribution to the community.

There are separate categories for primary and secondary education and for school leaders, senior and newly qualified teachers, support staff and volunteers.

And the judges will select winners at the city-wide level as well as for London’s separate boroughs.

Last year’s winners of the London-wide awards included Lucy Simpson of Christ Church C of E Primary School in Tower Hamlets, who was named London primary school teacher of the year; Florence Venables-Chis of Dunraven School in Streatham, winner of the overall secondary school teacher award; and the capital’s head teacher of the year, Kerry Shilling of Selborne Primary School in Ealing.

Inspire Schools acting general manager Karen Brinkman said: “After a highly successful inaugural year in 2019, we are absolutely thrilled to be launching the 2020 London Teacher of the Year Awards.

“It is simply impossible to overstate the contribution that teachers make to London and the wellbeing of all of the people who live in the city. And that’s why it is such an honour for us to be in a position to recognise their work through these awards.

“Day in day out, school staff go the extra mile to maximise the life opportunities of young people.

“Their work is made that much harder by a combination of regulatory, social and budgetary constraints that pose a formidable challenge to the morale and resilience of both teachers themselves and their pupils.

“Given that context, it is so important that we make the effort to show just how much we appreciate their work. And awards like these provide people with a fantastic cost-free means of doing just that.

“The online nomination process is easy to complete, and I sincerely hope as many people as possible submit nominations.”

Anyone can submit nominations here, and the deadline for doing so is March 1.

Karen was joined at the awards launch by members of the judging organisations, which include British Airways, the London Borough of Croydon, the University of Greenwich, Principals by CH&CO, KCS, StreetspaceTowergate Insurance and The Education People.

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