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After a year of challenges, loss, disruption and in many cases extended periods of isolation and loneliness, not to mention the negative impacts of all this on people’s mental and physical health, it’s hard to find anything positive about the last 18 months. But scratch the surface and you will find heroes and champions in every corner of Kent.

The Kent Volunteering Awards 2021 will celebrate the great and the good in our society; people from all walks of life, from every region of the county.

During this difficult time we clapped for the NHS and frontline workers – it’s now time to thank all those people who simply saw a need, gave up their own time, often putting themselves at risk, to simply make someone else’s life a little bit easier.

For this year’s Kent Volunteering Awards we are doing away with traditional categories; we want the public to nominate the heroes in their communities who have made a difference, no matter how big or how small. And so we will have 13 regional winners from across the county (there may be situations where there are joint winners and therefore the number of awards may change).

From these regional winners the judges will select an overall volunteer of the year.

In addition, the judges will also select 13 regional volunteering organisations – from food banks to village groups, who mobilised the masses and coordinated everything from shopping trips to friendship calls.

The Kent Volunteering Awards have always been important but this year they are more important than ever before. We can’t possibly recognise everyone who has done so much but we can at least let them know that they are appreciated and thanked.

If you would like to nominate someone or an organisation please click the ‘Nominate Now’ button. We will need you to tell us the contact details of the person or group you are nominating in order for us to let them know if they are fortunate enough to get through to the next stage; without this information the nomination will be void. The deadline for nominations is Monday 20th September 2021.

The event is supported by a number of organisations including the National Lottery Community Fund, Lord Lieutenant of Kent, Pfizer, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Golding Homes, and Ashford International.

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