The Big STEM Challenge

The Big STEM Challenge is an inter-schools, curriculum based competition to engage children and young people in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). There are three age categories – Primary, Secondary and 16 +.

  • Finalists will be invited to showcase their projects at Discovery Park to some of the UK’s biggest industry giants.
  • Each category project winner will receive a cash prize of £200.
  • All finalists will receive a certificate.
  • Experience and other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the judges and sponsors.

*please note that in the event of a tie the cash prize will be split accordingly.

Individuals, groups or whole classes are asked to enter a STEM based project of their choice. Below are a few curriculum based project ideas for each age category. All projects MUST have a clear and identified goal and outcome.

Primary ideas

  • Design a natural pest deterrent which could be used to protect crops from a particular pest. E.g. slugs, birds, blackfly.
  • Research & make an effective packaging material which could be used as an alternative to plastic
  • Design and create a mode of transport that uses air/water resistance or levers/pulleys and gears

Secondary ideas

  • Design a physical or virtual solution based on an animal ecosystem which solves a problem in the human world. E.g. Bee hives = modular storage device 
  • Design your own renewable energy device. Describe the source and how it would harness/conserve and distribute energy.
  • Develop your own skincare product with a specific aim & benefit (e.g. to soothe eczema, reduce scarring, anti aging, anti bacterial etc.)

16+ ideas

  • Design and develop an invention, device, mechanism or piece of code that solves a problem or improves an individual’s/communities or environmental situation or challenge.

Finalists will be invited to Discovery Park, the UK’s leading science and technology park. Primary finalists will display their projects at a science fair and one will become the Primary BIG STEM Champion 2022. Secondary and 16+ finalists will present their projects to a “Dragon’s Den” panel of experts for the chance to be named Secondary and 16+ BIG STEM Challenge winners 2022.

ALL entries are required to submit a short (maximum 2 minutes) video explaining and presenting their project. We are not looking for professional quality videos – use your phone cameras – but remember to film them in landscape NOT portrait – just turn your phone on its side to film!

If you would like to discuss your project suitability please email us at

Closing date for entries: 31 May 2022

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A number of organisations support the event including PfizerITL, BAE Systems, Global Associates, Kent Renewable Energy, Megger and Discovery Park.

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